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In a time where it has become extremely hard to succeed via the existing music industry channels, we have developed a unique platform to give you, your brand or single project an exciting and proven route to commercial success & global visibility within your demographic to an audience of tens to hundreds of millions of music lovers Internationally.

Our job is to give your brand, management team, and your PR representatives, all the ammunition they need to take your project to the next level and make the global music industry and music audience take note.

Our unique campaigns WILL associate you and your brand with an official UK Chart Hit, a global awareness via the key DJs, social platforms, youtube and radio etc, and a Worldwide single release on one or more highly respected record labels alongside all key retailers.

Recent Campaigns

Deborah Cox

Let The World Be Ours Tonight​

#1 Billboard Chart

#2 Music Week Pop Chart

A List support & remixes

Signed to Radikal Records


What I Need

Signed to Phonetic Recordings

A-List DJ & Playlist support

Dasco signing with Relentless (Sony UK)


Definitely Something

#1 UK Music Week Pop Chart

#3 UK Music Week Club Chart

#1 Digital Radio Chart

Bonnie Anderson

The Ones I Love

#1 US Billboard Chart

#2 Music Week Pop Chart

A List DJ support 

Perez Hilton Blog review

Licensed to 8 key labels worldwide


Informer 2018

#1 Beatport Chart

A List support & remixes

Signed to Radikal Records

Campaign In Progress

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