At a time where Artist's now have to take their own brand to a certain level of awareness themselves before the music industry will wake up and get invested too, we have developed a unique platform to give you, your brand or single project an exciting and proven route to commercial success & global visibility within your required demographic to an audience of millions to hundreds of millions of music lovers Internationally.

 Our job is to give your brand, management team, and your PR representatives all the ammunition they need to take your project to the next level and make the global music industry and music audience take note.

 Our unique campaigns WILL associate you and your brand with an official UK Chart Hit, a huge global awareness via the key DJs support, Clubs, Festivals, social/digital platforms, youtube and radio etc, and a Worldwide single release on one or more highly respected record labels alongside all key retailers


To date we have delivered campaigns for over 100 clients, all of which have achieved a huge amount of International DJ support on the global dancefloors and festivals around the World,  had Top 20 Official Chart Hits (with many #1 positions achieved) and been signed to one or several key record labels around the World leading to even more intense promotions, charts and releases within those respective territories.


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International 360º Artist Campaigns

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Your Music, Our Passion.

1) What is an Audiofreaks Single Campaign?

2) Why engage us for this service?

Watch Matt Meyers explaining about our unique campaigns in these videos below:



Our Campaigns usually run for around 4 to 6 months and include everything from Production, Remixes, Promotion, Chart Entry, International Licensing and Release. Campaigns can be tailored to your individual or collective needs as an artist, label, manager or brand, but generally include the following key stages:

If you’ve already produced a single that we feel will work in one of our international campaigns - great, but if you have not then we will invite you into our Audiofreaks Studio Complex where you will collaborate with our hit making teams to develop the perfect single. We will then send the stems to some of the leading dance producers in the world who will remix the single so that we end up with a set of remixes covering every key DJ style from cooler underground through to the more mainstream sounds.


Remixes are not just thrown together for the sake of it - they are an absolutely integral and crucial part of any single campaign. A tastemaker DJ such as Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin or Marco Carola etc will very unlikely play the original mix of a single which contains too many vocals and is too commercial, and will rather opt for a cooler version or a dub mix of the single instead, whereas a DJ such as David Guetta, or David Morales might well want the full vocal commercial version. We develop a selection of different remixes to appeal to the different DJs and thus reach as many music lovers, labels and booking agents as possible. 



Our in-house team and various Worldwide promotional partners have between them got well in excess of 40,000 music related contacts, including the who’s who of the music industry. These contacts are not ‘paid for’ lists like so many other companies use, but relationships that have been carefully established over decades of core industry work.


We stagger the campaign promotions, first giving the key A-list tastemaker DJs the initial exclusive on a single, and then as the campaign builds our web expands throughout the global mainstream DJs and then general mass of industry contacts. We always guarantee a Chart Entry in the UK’s Official Music Week Charts.


Quite simply, we aim to blow up each project to a point whereby the record labels, booking agents, managers and the industry as a whole starts to take note and show interest in the artist, single and brand. 



Only if requested by a client (as they may have their own label platform and strategy in place) we can, and usually do, handle the International licensing and release side of a single campaign.


Over many years, our team has worked closely with all the major labels and key independent labels around the World. We have established literally hundreds of licensing deals, which in turn has led to a countless number of global releases and sales well in excess of 200 million units.


Although there is never a guarantee on International Licensing, we are proud of the fact we usually attract numerous licensing offers for the projects, and these often go onto become hits in their respective territories. We also have a key distribution platform for our own labels in place and can release the single in any territory where we do not manage to secure a license, therefore guaranteeing a global release for the campaign. 



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