In a time where many artists, producers and even record labels struggle to attract even one recording contract, we can proudly say we have secured well in advance of 500 licensing contracts (record deals) to date for our client's projects, a claim very few other companies around the world can make.


We have spent our lives building and nurturing the right relationships with most of the relevant labels around the world and this has been instrumental in the success of our Licensing Division.

Primarily focusing on singles from within the various genres of dance and pop we concentrate on securing deals on an International, territory by territory basis, unless a key Independent or Major label make a highly favourable offer to secure a projects rights for a worldwide license. We have secured in advance of 12 third-party licensing deals in separate territories for some of our client's projects.


We have over 10,000 active label contacts and as is always there is a chance that some A&R guys won't feel your track or project is right for their label and this then becomes another area where our team can help you by giving you vital feedback on your productions and how you could improve your chances of attracting a deal.


If our team feel you have a solid project which has a good chance of attracting licensing deals we will be happy to work it for you on our sliding scale payment terms which are as follows:






Music Licensing Division

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International Music Licensing

0% of all income or advances + £5000​

5% of all income including advances + £4000​

10% of all income including advances + £3000​

15% of all income including advances + £2000

20% of all income including advances + £1000​

25% of all income including advances + £500​

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