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DASCO - Everybody Like​!

Vintage Culture - Butterflies

Kaskade - Lose Control

Rough Traders - Need U More

Funkin Matt - Feelin

Tristan Henry


In the last 5 years, Tristan’s music has received millions of views on YouTube, received support from the likes of Clubland, Kiss FM and BBC Introducing, and featured in the UK dance charts. He has written songs and recorded vocals in a wide range of styles including Pop, Rock, RnB and Hip-Hop, but his recent success has been in Dance music. Tristan has co-written and featured on singles by Vintage Culture, Fflora, DASCO and Kaskade, to name a few. Tristan also performed at Kisstory festival last summer and has an exciting project in the works with a UK #1 artist. His vocals have been described as ‘soulful and uplifting with an American swagger which lends itself to many different styles of music’. Tristan regularly gets mistaken for an American singer, but he was born and lives in the UK, however, the majority of his childhood was spent in the USA... that explains the American accent! 

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