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Tim Gosden

Tim Gosden is a multi talented producer, songwriter and musician, based in Norwich, England. Since graduating from Leeds Conservatoire in 2012, Tim has achieved remarkable success in the music industry, hitting #1 in the UK Music Week Chart, accumulating millions of streams and garnering mainstream radio support. 


Notable highlights of Tim's career include collaborating with renowned artists such as Tiestö, with releases on major labels such as Universal and Sony. He has produced and co-written tracks for an impressive roster of artists including Mari Bella, 4 Strings, DEMCHUK, ELLA A, Allegra, KAMA, Anne Gudrun, Tristan Henry, Evie Palmer, and many more. Tim has also achieved international success with his songs competing in national Eurovision contests in Norway, Belgium, and Serbia.


Beyond his exceptional production skills, Tim is also an accomplished songwriter and musician. He possesses a knack for crafting captivating hooks that have been featured in various advertisements, mainstream TV shows, and Netflix productions.


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