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Our Services

Audiofreaks are an award winning 360 music company specialising in: 

Promotion Campaigns

It is no secret that succeeding as a music artist in the music business today is almost impossible. No matter how talented the artist is the odds are against them due to the sheer volume of music that is released every day. Finding ways to "get ahead of the crowd" is key to any artist's chance of success. 


Audiofreaks have developed a unique platform to give you and your project an advantage. Utilising a proven strategy developed through decades of working with every level of artists, we can get your music and artist brand global recognition.

For more details on our exciting promotion campaigns please contact

Example Campaigns


Deborah Cox
Let The World Be Ours Tonight

#1 Billboard Chart

#2 Music Week Pop Chart

A List support & remixes

Signed to Radikal Records


What I Need

Signed to Phonetic Recordings

A-List DJ & Playlist support

Dasco signing with Sony UK


Bonnie Anderson
The Ones I Love

#1 US Billboard Chart

#2 Music Week Pop Chart

A List DJ support 

Perez Hilton Blog review

Licensed to 8 key labels worldwide

Music Production & Remixes

Our world-class production and remix teams have had record sales well into the hundreds of millions, on top of a countless number of Worldwide hits and #1 Chart successes.  We specialise in Western & Asian Pop Hits, and Club remixes. If you are interested in booking a recording session with one of our production teams, or having us take your ideas to the world stage, please contact

Publishing & Distribution

Our publishing and distribution infrastructure spans 38 countries and hundreds of online shops and outlets. If you would like us to publish your song or to distribute your label please contact

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